It’s about the vibe

I don’t want to harp on about Roger Nattrass, but since he’s the dude I climb with most regularly he is the dude who (unfortunately for him) will get splashed on my blog a lot. Roger is well known personality in South African climbing, and most of you will know him already. But for those who don’t here is a cool interview from written in 2009 by Justin Lawson. It’s a good read!

Roger is probably the most psyched climber I have ever met. He’s cut-to-the-bone honest and one of the nicest blokes out there. A dedicated Dad and husband, he works frikkin’ hard so that he can live a lifestyle which includes as much time on the rock as possible. So much so that he basically single handedly opened Umgeni up to the climbing world, bolting line after line after line of orange and grey sandstone to provide a stretch of sport routes so entertaining you’ll battle to find excuses to go to other crags. If you’d like to get your hands on his super duper ‘A Climber’s Guide to KwaZulu-Natal Rock’ click here.

I’ve been belaying him on his project at Umgeni, Mango Tango, and last week he came so close to doing it that I actually got a fright when he fell off over the crux – I thought it was in the bag. It’s been fun watching Roger get a ball hair closer on every attempt. This route is brick hard and beautiful, and while Roger climbs and thrashes the hell out of the line I stare up at his green and orange shoes flashing like a surgeons knife as he makes noises I have categorically never heard before. No one likes to watch a route go down without a fight, there’s no fun in that! But any day now…and hopefully I’ll have pics!


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